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Introduction: Engineering @ Wingify

Sparsh Gupta

Written by Sparsh Gupta

I clearly remember the summer of 2010 when we were about to launch our product Visual Website Optimizer out of beta and almost all the conversations I and Paras had were either around acquiring our initial customers or about the ever increasing load on our single Linode 512MB VPS. Three years down, we still end up discussing about the same things but at a completely different magnitude. The customer base has increased to 2600+ accounts across 75+ countries and our geo distributed architecture on a set of 30+ servers currently serve close to 8,000 requests per second.

In this amazing journey what we also managed to do is try our hands on a bunch of different technologies, tools and libraries. Many a times, the available stuff didn't fit our scaling needs and we had to craft our own versions. With the medium of this blog (which was long due), my team will try to talk about all the learning we keep having in our day-to-day engineering work at Wingify.

In the next few posts, we will walk though the evolution in our architecture (from standard LAMP to a delicately configured openresty CDN & DA (Content distribution & data acquisition network) environment; from a single data center stack to a distributed system across the globe), code rewrites / refactors we had to do, various benchmarks we relied on and of course all the learning we had from this exercise. We will showcase and write about the small / big tools and libraries we wrote to scratch our own itch.

If you ever have any question, suggestion, feedback or you want to discuss anything or just want to drop a hello; I would love to hear from you. Please feel free to get in touch with me [email protected] or with our engineering team [email protected] directly or via comments section in this blog.

Hope to see you again soon when we post our first engineering article on this blog. Please subscribe the blog to stay updated. We're out to change the way software is written, so come along and share our journey!

-- Engineering @ Wingify