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Dheeraj Joshi

Written by Dheeraj Joshi

Last two months were quite amazing for me as a Wingifighter; I was on a traveling spree over Italy and London. I got an opportunity to attend and speak at various international conferences and meetups there, which gave me new insights on the importance of JavaScript and Security. It was a new experience for me as I got a chance to meet some great people and learn a lot from them. This post is about my learnings and overall experience representing Wingify and driving the concept of Web Security at various tech events.

1) Node.js Conference, Italy (22nd October 2016)

I attended my first International Conference which was held at a beautiful place – Desenzano del Garda, Italy. I was one of the speakers and I talked about Node.js Security.

The conference started with a keynote by Microsoft's Bryan Hughes ([@nebrius][11]) about the Node.js community and its evolution. He later introduced us to the Node.js foundation hierarchy and how it operates at various levels. Other speakers, too, touched various relevant and interesting topics including AsyncHooks, Load Balancing, and Deploying Node.js at scale. You can find more information at [][18]

Speaker dinners were a great platform where I got to interact and network with fellow speakers. I also met Feross and I found him to be very humble and polite. He insisted on why fun side-projects are important and why you should keep doing them. And that’s why Wingify runs "Show n Tell" in which Wingifighters demonstrate and discuss any side projects that they are working on.

I spent the rest of my time in Italy in traveling and had a wonderful experience. I fell in Love with Gelatos🍦.

2) London Ajax Meetup (14th November 2016)

This is a monthly meetup that happens in London. This time the focus of the [meetup][2] was JavaScript Security and Neural Networks. I got a really good response after my talk. The venue was Skills Matter Office where a couple of other meetups were going on simultaneously. I realized this when I went into another arena searching for food and none of the people seemed to recognize me.

The other talk during the event was on "Classifying Numbers as Odd or Even With Neural Networks," by Matt Zeunert. It was quite informative.

3) SeleniumConf UK (14th-16th November 2016)

[SeleniumConf][12] is an event focused on Web Testing and brings together Selenium developers and enthusiasts from around the world to share ideas, socialize, and work together on advancing the present and future success of the project.

My talk in this conference was about Web Security and Efficient Penetration Testing. I gave a live demo of my recent finding (security vulnerability) in InVision. With the help of [Burp Suite][16] and [BeEf][15], I demonstrated how a malicious comment in Invision App can be used to control browser and steal information. You can read more about the vulnerability details I published in [Hackernoon][4].

Here are the links to the video and slides.

4) Half Stack Conference (18th November 2016)

[HalfStack][17] is a one-day, single track, fun and unique JS conf in a pub 🍺. It was good to sit down and listen to [Christian Heilmann][3], [Remy Sharp][20] and [Dylan Schiemann][21]. There were a lot of other interesting talks at the conference. Video recording for all sessions are available [here][19].

After the conference, we went to another pub for a "JavaScript Pub Quiz."

The following is an emoji mathematical example given by Mark Wubben in his talk on Babel

🍺 + 🍺 = 🍻

🍻 + 🍻 = 😆

(🍻 * 🍻)^🍻 = 😵

#### To sum up I got to learn a lot from my travels. I would encourage everyone to follow and attend such conferences and events.

You can keep an eye on the list of FrontEnd Conferences for 2017 and follow Himanshu's twitter list to stay up-to-date.

Happy Holidays! 🎄🎁