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Internship experience @Wingify

Vivek Kishore

Written by Vivek Kishore

When I got an opportunity of interning with the engineering team at Wingify it made me ecstatic because of an exciting office with fascinating transparent walls full of geeky stuff, I came across on my first visit for an interview — and of course Wingify is a becoming a buzz word in IT industry.

On my first day I was a bit nervous, dressed and prepared as I believed anyone working from 10:00 am to 7:00 pm would. When I reached the office only the office boy was present — honestly speaking I had a feeling that I am at a wrong place because there was no way a software company should look like at 10:30 in the morning on a working day. After a while I was surrounded by people in shorts, denims, t-shirts with smiling faces having friendly chats.

Working at Wingify provided me with an entirely new set of skills like software development design patterns and maintenance that is going to be invaluable for my future. My work here mainly included front-end optimization and internationalization.

Frontend optimization of Visual Website Optimizer website.

Reduced the loading time by 62.16%.

Translation of Visual Website Optimizer website.

Worked on template based engine for the translation of web pages in different languages.

I worked along with the marketing team, and this added an additional dimension to my work by interdependent relationship. I also spent my time researching and learning different methods and technologies for various things such as process automation. All these roles and responsibilities taught me to manage time, being attentive and organized, and enhanced problem-solving abilities.

At Wingify you have the solidarity and independence of your own space and an atmosphere where interns like myself would not hesitate to ask questions as they are answered and explained by highly skilled and dedicated engineering team sitting next to you, which makes it easy to get work done. Awesome appreciation mails boost you up with confidence. Personally, I couldn't have imagined a better internship experience.

Interning with Wingify provides you with a wonderful learning experience. In a nutshell, it is a great place to work and party \m/