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Code In the Dark at Wingify

Hemkaran Raghav

Written by Hemkaran Raghav

Coding is always fun at Wingify, be it a Wingify Camp or a Fun Friday. And to add to the fun, in a Fun Friday Code In the Dark was organized by Wingify on 15th April 2016 in both Wingify's Delhi and Pune office. The event is a front-end (HTML, CSS) competition created by the folks at Tictail, where each contestant compete to implement a website design given only a screenshot. The catch is, no previews of the results are allowed during the implementation, and no measuring tools can be used. There are some simple rules of the event:

  • Duration: 15 min
  • Technology: HTML/CSS
  • No previews
  • One champion

The event started at 5 o'clock in the evening and was divided into two slots, each slot having 9 participants. The rule was to choose two from each slot so that final four compete in the final round. Along with that, to add to the fun and frolic, a loud music was played to motivate the contestants to write the code as fast as they can. The lights were turned off to create an awesome atmosphere to complement the theme of the event. The only light flashing was that of TV and Laptop screens which added a magical appearance to the room.

Ankit Jain and Kushagra Gour starting the event
Contestants coding in the dark

After the completion of the allotted time, two participants from each team were selected based on the audience voting.

A final round was organized between selected "Fantastic Four" participants from the 2 slots which were Sparsh Gupta, Hemkaran Raghav, Ashish Bardhan, Dheeraj Joshi.

Meanwhile, some people were busy in eating delicious sandwiches and having some beer to quench their thirst.

Meanwhile in Wingify's Pune office... /

Next was to decide the winner, and after voting by everyone finally we had the winners.

  1. Sparsh Gupta (Our CTO) - Winner
  2. Hemkaran Raghav - Runner Up

Also, The winners from Pune office were:

  1. Paras Chopra (Our CEO) - Winner
  2. Rachit Gulati - Runner Up

Yeah, our CEO & CTO are code-in-dark experts :) Checkout the awesome prizes that winners got:

Sparsh Gupta and Hemkaran Raghav getting his prize

It was a great experience to participate in the event. Thanks to Kushagra Gour for organizing the awesome blossom event. We hope that this type of events will continue to happen in the time to come.

You can watch a glimpse of the event here:

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