## Introduction Easily communicate among browser tabs(supports cross-origin). ### Features 1. Safely enables [cross-origin](https://developer.mozilla.org/en-US/docs/Web/HTTP/Access_control_CORS) communication among different browser tabs. Uses `PostMessage` API for communication. 2. Easy to hook custom callback at various levels. Eg: executing a custom method in Child's tab on receiving a message from Parent tab. 3. Option to provide `data-tab-opener="name"` attribute on the target link/btn(which opens up a new tab), so that it remains disable until `Child` tab initiates a handshake and is received by the `Parent` tab 4. Fully fledged API to get information regarding the tabs(Parent and Child tabs) and other communication related methods. 5. Exports in a UMD format i.e. library works everywhere. ### Browser Support Tested in Chrome, Firefox and IE(versions >= 9). ### Example ##### Create an instance / reference before using. **Opener(Parent) tab** ```js var config = { onHandshakeCallback: function () { ... }, onPollingCallback: function () { ... } } var parent = new AcrossTabs.Parent(config); ``` **New(Child tab)** ```js var config = { onReady: onReady, onInitialize: onInitialize, handshakeExpiryLimit: 4000, // msec onParentDisconnect: onParentDisconnect, onParentCommunication: onParentCommunication }; var child = new AcrossTabs.Child(); ``` That's it! The communication setup would be set up once the new tab is opened up.